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The present study is a prelimnary frequency study of FOXO and its SNP rs2802288 in our population.
Hepatic FoxOs regulate lipid metabolism via modulation of expression of the nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase gene.
It would also be checked from translocating to the nucleus, which would keep the FOXO transcription factors active at their respective normal levels, resulting in the expression and activities of antioxidant enzymes at their respective normal levels (Figure 4).
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Our enrichment analysis had classified these aberrant methylated genes as "cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction," "NF-kappa B signaling pathway," "FoxO signaling pathway," and other signaling pathways, but only the aberrant genes of RA and pSS appeared in the proteasome signaling system (Figure 5(b)).
Once activated, PGC-1[alpha] interacts with the PPAR family of nuclear receptors [286] and the FOXO family of transcription factors [287] to influence expression of a variety of bioenergetic and antioxidant proteins.
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This is achieved by the E3-ubiquitin ligases regulating transcription of the Forkhead Box (FOXO) proteins, including the FOXO3 isoform (Okamoto et al., 2011).
skeletal muscle FOXO transgenic mice have less skeletal muscle mass, down regulated type 1 fiber genes and impaired glycemic control.
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