FOYSFriends of the Yuma Symposium (est. 1996; Arizona)
FOYSFestival of Youth Sport (UK)
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By AINE HEGARTY THIS is the plush home of banker John Foy who sparked the outrageous EUR40million AIB bonus scandal.
XXXIXr: "Et quand a la seconde foys elle mesla sa voix argentine parmy le son de l'instrument (tenant son regard fiche sur la princesse) qui luy voyoit parfoys descendre des yeus les larmes perlees, et les gros souspirs debonder de l'estomac a la rencontre des motz douloureux: tellement que la princesse se sentit outree de passion desormais incurable, pleurant et souspirant de compagnie."
New York City native earned two Oscar writing noms in his long career, one with longtime partner Jack Rose for Cary Grant/Sophia Loren starrer "Houseboat" (1958), which he also directed, and the other for Bob Hope starrer "The Seven Little Foys" (1955), which he directed as well.
Vous pouviez par vous sans maquerelle, Me dire, "amy partez d'icy entour, Pour ceste foys." (Pantagruel 22:296) The essential critique that Panurge offers in his rondeau is that the lady refused to formulate her rejection in egalitarian terms.
212v (17 de abril de 1537): <<Des articles touchant laz foys. Az estes resolus que estre venus Mons.
(40) Mark Foys Pty Ltd v TVSN (Pacific) Ltd (2000) 178 ALR 322, 338 (Conti J); Pradhan- v Eastside Day Surgery Pty Ltd [1999] SASC 256 (Unreported, Doyle CJ, Bleby and Prior JJ, 18 June 1999) [45] (Bleby J); Unioil v Deloitte (1997) 17 WAR 98, 110-11 (Ipp J); G E Dal Pont, Lawyers 'Professional Responsibility in Australia and New Zealand(2nd ed, 2001) 227, where he notes: 'The modern cases, at least in Australia and England, approach the issue via a rebuttable presumption.'
In this small Kentucky diocese, on June 3, 2005, Bishop Roger Foys announced a settlement of $120 million to compensate victims of child molestation by priests and other employees.
I imagine the Foys together on the veranda of the hotel, watching the water pitch and rise from the doors thrown open to the weather, sipping drinks from large glasses trimmed with orchids, sweet as nectar.
They had friends called the Foys, who also lived in Kirkby.
There was his captivating tap dance with James Cagney in "The Seven Little Foys." And there were dozens of top-drawer stars who appeared on Hope's long-running TV specials, each one giving him an easy target for his humor.