FP6Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (EU)
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We use these reports together with the PECAN soundings from near or within the UTLS anvil (FP3, FP2, and FP6) and high-resolution simulations with the Advanced Research version of the Weather Research and Forecasting (ARWWRF) Model to determine the influence of the UTLS thunderstorm outflow on wave trapping and the possible role of the waves on the observed turbulence.
Juxtaposing Table 2, Table 3, and Table 4, it can be seen how from a Cognitive Vision objective in FP5 (a Cognitive Robotics related topic) Cognitive Robotics has evolved to a full-blown Challenge (Challenge 2) in the FP6 and FP7 programmes, steadily growing from 190 M[euro] in FP5 [2] [3] to near 1.2 billion euros in the next FP6 and FP7 programmes (435 M[euro] for FP6 [4]-[6] + 768 M[euro] for FP7 [7]-[10]).
The project embodies one of the European Commission's FP6 core objectives of providing broadband for all (http://www.cordis.lu/fp6/whatisfp6.htm), and will enable high-speed data service over Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC) at a cost point that will make it available to systems operating in peripheral regions and small to medium markets.
And for those serious about growth, there are a host of research and development funding opportunities under the pounds 17.5bn EU Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) that could mean new profit lines for Northern businesses.
With the support of 14.4m euros of EU funding under the 'food quality and safety' priority of the current Framework Funding programme (FP6), SEAFOODplus aims to satisfy the growing consumer demands for healthy, safe products that are produced using sustainable, environmentally friendly methods and processed using state of the art techniques.
Peter Walters, UK National Contact Point for IST within the EU's 6th Framework Program says: "The GRIDSTART project will act as a focused voice in the development of international standards and disseminate European Grid developments to a wide European audience." The current Framework Program (FP6) runs until 2006.
The fund, which will award grants of between pounds 5,000 and pounds 10,000 - sits alongside One NorthEast's Facilitation Service, providing expert help to cut through the complex EU Framework Programme 6 (FP6) application paperwork.
UK Organisations, including industry academia and research bodies, are being urged to 'log on' or call and register to be kept up to date on the latest information about European Union Framework Programme Six (FP6) funding for research and development projects.
Meanwhile West Midlands companies will today be told how to access pounds 10 billion of funding currently on offer through the Framework Programme 6 scheme (FP6).
One relative newcomer to this field is the FP6 imported and distributed by Heckler & Koch.
One of its most recent research Framework Programmes, (FP6), states that sustainable energy is a priority and will translate into supporting research into how clean and reusable energy sources can be incorporated into the "energy system."
The first Call for proposals under the Information Society Technologies (IST) theme of the EU's Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) was published on 17 December 2002.