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FPAFinancial Planning Association (Association of CFPs)
FPAForeign Policy Association
FPAFormation Professionnelle des Adultes (French: Vocational Training of Adults)
FPAFunction Point Analysis
FPAFederal Power Act
FPAForex Peace Army
FPAFamily Planning Association (UK)
FPAFormula Palmer Audi
FPAFocal Plane Array
FPAFlexible Packaging Association
FPAFire Protection Association (UK)
FPAFolkpensionsanstalten (Swedish: Social Insurance Institution of Finland)
FPAFancy Pants Adventures (game)
FPAFamily Practice Associates (various locations)
FPAFisheries Partnership Agreement
FPAFree Planets Alliance (Legend of the Galactic Heroes)
FPAFront Panel Audio
FPAFloating Point Adapter
FPAFine and Performing Arts
FPAForeign Press Association
FPAFire Program Analysis
FPAFoyer des Personnes Agées (French: Home of the Elderly)
FPAFreestyle Players Association (frisbee sports)
FPAFood Products Association
FPAForum pour le Partenariat avec l'Afrique (French: Forum for the Partnership with Africa)
FPAFibrinopeptide A
FPAFocal Plane Assembly
FPAFlorida Press Association
FPAFrance Pièces Automobile (French automobile company)
FPAFlorida Psychological Association
FPAFlorida Pharmacy Association
FPAFloating Point Accelerator
FPAFamily Planning Australia
FPAFinancial Planners Association
FPAFloating Point Arithmetic
FPAFonds de Prévoyance de l'Aéronautique (French: Provident Fund of Aeronautics)
FPAFramework Partnership Agreement (ECHO)
FPAFlight Path Angle (aviation)
FPAFamily Partnership Agreement (various locations)
FPAFoster Parent Association
FPAFlexible Premium Annuity (Mutual of America)
FPAFirst Person Adventure (gaming)
FPAFree of Particular Average
FPAForce de Police Auxiliaire (French: Auxiliary Police Force)
FPAFront Parking Assist (vehicles)
FPAFamily Planning Agency (various locations)
FPAFremont Public Association (Seattle)
FPAFournitures Pièces Auto (French: Auto Parts Supplies)
FPAFedEx Pilots Association
FPAFront Page Advertising (Stick-N-Save)
FPAFee Protection Agreement
FPAForos Prostithemenis Axias (Greek: Value Added Tax)
FPAForeign Policy Advisor (US DoD)
FPAForth Ports Authority (UK)
FPAFleury Pièces Auto (French auto parts company)
FPAFlavor Profile Analysis
FPAFacilities Planning Area
FPAFamily Personal Accident (insurance)
FPAFailure Prevention Analysis (product development)
FPAFairness in Procurement Alliance (formerly the Fairness in Set-Aside Procurement Coalition)
FPAFaculty Partnership Award (IBM)
FPAFairmont Private Academy (Anaheim, CA)
FPAFederal Pesticide Act
FPAFast Packet Adaption
FPAFormer Passive Activity (taxes)
FPAFlorida Publishers Association, Inc.
FPAFinal Power Amplifier
FPAFaye, Pollack & Associates, Inc
FPAFederal Physicians Association
FPAFire Protection Area
FPAFocal Point Array
FPAFloating Point Array
FPAFederal Provincial Agreement for Chicken (Canada)
FPAFlat-Plate Antenna
FPAFederação Paulista de Automobilismo (Brazil)
FPAFlight Plan Approval
FPAFlorida Pawnbrokers Association
FPAFree Porn Attack (CAPTCHA attack)
FPAFractal Patch Antenna
FPAFirst Piece Article
FPAForward Purchasing Agreement
FPAFederal Property & Administrative Services Act
FPAFar Point of Accommodation (ophthalmology)
FPAFirst Parsed As
FPAForce Planning Analysis
FPAFunctional Process Assessment
FPAFunding Program Advice
FPAFixed Plant Adapter
FPAFlood Protection Authority
FPAFixed Posting Area
FPAForward Pricing Agreement
FPAField Premium Auditor
FPAForce Protection Alert
FPAFront Panel Audio Connector (computer hardware)
FPAFunctional Production Area
FPAFormalin Preserved Allogeneic (bone graft)
FPAFlora des Pharaonischen Ägypten
FPAFundamental Planning Analysis
FPAFunctional Performance Area
FPAFixed Period Annuity (investing)
FPAFlorida Prosthodontic Association
FPAFirst Post Accuracy (internet slang)
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They come to FPA to not only build on their success, but to carry out their passions to mentor others in the advancement of their careers as well as help transform lives through the power of financial planning," Pare said in a statement.
In all these cases, the effects of the different elements can be modeled by arrays, and the FPA measurements can be accurately represented as a linear combination of the vectors of these arrays and the data cube voxels.
The FPA is also kick-starting "knowledge circles," or forums where members can discuss topics of interest to their practices.
An important collaboration related to FPA is the partnership between TNA and the Tennessee Action Coalition (TAC).
Ken McNaught and many of the club's 1982 idols set up the Lions & Legends Association last summer after leaving Aston Villa FPA.
As the first cooperative of its kind, FPA of Florida serves as a model for other FPA chapters.
RNWs Love Matters coordinator Michele Ernsting is delighted to work with such a well-respected organization as the FPA India.
FPA Distinguished Career Awards have been given annually since 1987 to individuals who have made distinguished lifelong career contributions to fusion development.
Recommendation: Second, the Secretaries of Agriculture and the Interior should report annually to Congress on (1) their progress in completing the steps outlined in the strategic plan for the continued development of FPA and (2) FPA's ability to meet each of its key objectives.
Combined, the members of the FPA reach 14 million investors through their regular publications and websites.
The merger will not be fully ratified until GMA's board of directors considers and votes on the agreement's terms and the general membership of FPA and GMA approve it.