FPANFood Policy and Applied Nutrition (Tufs University; Massachusetts)
FPANFlorida Public Archaeology Network (est. 2005; University of West Florida)
FPANFamily Planning Association of Nepal
FPANFraksi Partai Amanat Nasional (Indonesian: Faction National Mandate Party)
FPANForest Philanthropy Action Network
FPANFire Prevention Association of Nevada (Las Vegas, NV)
FPANFédération Provinciale d'Apiculture de Namur (Belgian beekeeping federation)
FPANFrench Property Advisor Network (UK)
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We performed a module search using 2,892 upregulated genes (DESeq FC > 1.25) on the entire rat FPAN composed of a total of 9,443 genes with at least 1 high confidence interaction defined by STRING database (edge score above 900, see Materials and Methods) [68].
Caption: Figure 3: Module search results over the rat FPAN. (a) The number of significant modules (size between 10 and 50 genes with a SD score >3) obtained with nominal data (Wnt3a, dark grey) and with the same values permuted across the FPAN (permuted data, light grey).
At the present rates, deforestation accounts for 10%--15% of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to FPAN, since every tree, when chopped, releases its store of carbon dioxide.
But FPAN sees great potential for relief from another form of sustainable industry: wood plantations.
FPAN projects that Africa could establish enough domestic timber plantations to supply wood fuels to all Africans who needed them, and that the amount of required land would be a mere 20% of the total square mileage of forests that are now being exploited.
Helping African households obtain fuel-efficient stoves would be another huge improvement, according to FPAN. The organization estimates that, if Kenya's 6 million rural households were outfitted with fuel-efficient stoves, the country's annual fuel wood consumption would be reduced by 50%.
Bernard Mercer, co-founder of FPAN, favors more plantations established close to urban centers and governmental subsidies to incentivize buying wood from plantations.
prior to the establishment of FPAN by the late Princess Prexhya Rajya
campaigns launched by BBC, LAC, CREPHA, FPAN, NANGAN, SAMANATA, FWLD,