FPCCFarm Products Council of Canada (est, 1972)
FPCCFirst Peoples' Cultural Council (Canada)
FPCCFederação Portuguesa de Cineclubes (Portuguese: Portuguese Federation of Film Societies)
FPCCFrankston Peninsula Cricket Club (Australia)
FPCCFort Peck Community College (Poplar, MT)
FPCCFair Play for Cuba Committee (est. 1960; New York, NY)
FPCCFirst Party Claims Conference
FPCCFaneau Plomberie Chauffage Couverture (French construction company)
FPCCFederation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce
FPCCFuel Pool Cooling and Cleanup (nuclear power)
FPCCForest Park Country Club (Adams, MA)
FPCCForest Park Chamber of Commerce (Forest Park, OH)
FPCCFuel System Control Console
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In addition to operating expenditures, FPCC spends millions of dollars each year to make our unique assets accessible and attractive to all county residents.
Pawley, social democratic academics like Kenneth McNaught (who would soon embark on a red-baiting attack, demanding of Verne Olson and other FPCC leaders a "loyalty test" with respect to their support for "the Queen and Canada's established constitution"), (10) as well as trade unionists and radicals of various stripes.
With NRT's contribution, FPCC can continue to provide grants to projects that create new fluent speakers, support immersion and language documentation, and develop resources and training.
To supply petrochemical companies who can't afford expensive imported butadiene, CPC has been purchasing such material for US$ 2,250 to US$2,270 per metric ton from FPCC, whose official said some 1,000 metric tons has been purchased by CPC monthly.
FPCC has not only met that need but has also created a new arena for sharing industry information in the pursuit of knowledge and better service," says Figlin.
Expression of p53 was detected in IFC regardless of embryo culture and was only detected in FPCC after use in the embryo culture.
FPCC has also set up a two-year hazardous-materials-abatement training program and now is helping some graduates set up a contracting firm to respond to disaster cleanup in Louisiana.
In "Cuba Libre"--his Evergreen Review essay on the FPCC trip, Jones conveys his frustration with bohemianism and his longing for a more political radicalism.
Chairman, FPCC & I's Standing Committee on Social Welfare, 1985-87.
Effectively, it meant that Adolph Zukor, who was the chairman of Famous Players-Lasky, drove the Allens out of business and through FPCC, he bought all their theatres at a bargain-basement price.
The FPCC and SAND (the Seaport Alliance for a Neighborhood Design) address the social effects of the Dig, including the disposition of open space.
In an inexplicable and outrageous ruling, the FPCC has unanimously decided that Proposition 34's (relatively weak) contribution limits won't apply to incumbent politicians until after the 2002 campaign.