FPCGFederação Paranaense e Catarinense de Golfe (Brazilian golf federation)
FPCGFirst Physicians Capital Group, Inc. (Beverly Hills, CA)
FPCGFirst Presbyterian Church in Germantown (Pennsylvania)
FPCGFair Play Campaign Group (est. 2006; UK)
FPCGFemale Primary Care Giver
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To track time-varying FHR, a sliding window covering the fPCG signal is used.
An fPCG signal is 478 s in time length, as seen in Figure 2(a).
This is achieved by the simulated fPCG signals [18, 19].
Ten simulated fPCG signals with SNR varying from -4.4 dB to -26.7 dB are used to evaluate the three methods and the results are given in Table 2.
fPCG is a promising technique to monitor fetal heart rate.
Caption: Figure 1: Fetal heart rate detection for an fPCG signal.
Section 4 discusses the selection of appropriate denoising algorithm and thresholding rule for fPCG signals.
The fPCG signal carries valuable information concerning the physiological state of unborn [20].
Figures 1(a) and 1(b) show a typical fetal phono-cardiographic (fPCG) signal and its frequency spectrum, respectively.
(i) decomposition of the fPCG signal using DWT to obtain the approximation and detail coefficients,
(iii) reconstruction of the fPCG signal from these thresholded coefficients using the inverse transform (IDWT) [17].
FPCG is the leading independent global placement and advisory firm focusing on private partnerships in private equity, hedge funds, credit, real estate, real assets and opportunistic strategies in both developed and emerging markets.