FPCNFriends of People Close to Nature
FPCNFlorida Prostate Cancer Network
FPCNFamily Practice and Counseling Network (Philadelphia, PA)
FPCNFundación Peruana para la Conservación de la Naturaleza (Spanish: Peruvian Foundation for the Conservation of Nature)
FPCNFree Paltalk Color Nickname (software)
FPCNFirst Presbyterian Church of Newtown (Flushing, NY)
FPCNFlorida Pregnancy Care Network (est. 2005; Florida Pregnancy Support Services Program; Florida Department of Health; Tallahassee, FL)
FPCNFiat Panda Club Nl (Dutch car club)
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FPCN (Fundacion Peruana para la Conservacion de la Naturaleza) y WWF (World Wildlife Fund) (1989).
partnership (including FPCN, Canstar Publications Ltd.
For example, joint projects of FPCN (now called Pro Naturaleza) and the government fund 80 rangers, representing 60% of system staff.
And the most important non-governmental defender of this rich, international treasure is the nonprofit Peruvian conservation group Fundacion Peruana para la Conservacion de la Naturaleza (FPCN).
"The conservation of nature is a complex duty requiring scientific and technical knowledge, cultural and social sensibility, management expertise, and the ability to harmonize diverse interests," says Gustavo Suarez de Freitas, executive director of FPCN. "In a country suffering economic, social, and political crisis, the conservation of nature is even more difficult."
Celebrating its tenth year of conservation success, FPCN is on the frontline of protecting an astonishing collection of flora and fauna.
"FPCN's critically important work in conserving the threatened biodiversity of Peru benefits not only the Peruvian people, but the entire planet," says Dan Quinn, director of the Nature Conservancy's Bolivia and Peru programs.
With assistance from the international community, FPCN has been able to support seventy park guards to supplement the eighty working for the government, as well as equip control posts with boats, fuel, food, uniforms, and solar panels to power shortwave radios.