FPCOFamily Policy Compliance Office
FPCOFirst Presbyterian Church of Orlando (Florida)
FPCOFlorida Partners Corp.
FPCOFederation of Philippine Chinese in Ontario (Ontario, Canada)
FPCOFramed Picture Company (UK)
FPCOFood Products Co. (Saudi Arabia)
FPCOFormation Professionnelle de la Côte d'Opale (French: Professional Training of the Opal Coast)
FPCOForce Projection Capabilities Office
FPCOFormation Professionnelle Continue Ostéopathie (French: Continuing Professional Osteopathy)
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In their second placebo-controlled, double-blind multicentre trial administering FPCO (2 x 1 capsule daily) in patients with functional dyspepsia, May et al.
Comparing FPCO (3 x 1 capsule daily) with an enteric soluble formulation with 36 mg WS(r) 1340 and 20 mg WS[R] 1520 in a randomized, double-blind multicentre trial, a statistically significant decline in pain intensity was observed in both groups (p <0.001; two-sided one-sample t-test) and equivalent efficacy of both preparations was demonstrated (Freise and Kohler, 1999).
In our own randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trial, which is the first to investigate the effect of FPCO (2 x 1 capsule daily) on disease specific quality of life as measured by the validated Nepean Dyspepsia Index (NDI), the NDI subscores for pain and discomfort of the patients (primary efficacy variables) as well as the NDI symptom score and the NDI total score (secondary efficacy variables) improved significantly under FPCO compared to placebo (all p < 0.05, two-sided U-test) (Holtmann et al.
Moreover, even if the pathogenetic role of Helicobacter pylon is still unclear in functional dyspepsia and requires further elucidation, it can be concluded from several subgroup analyses that the response to FPCO is not negatively influenced by Helicobacter pylori status of the patient (May et al.
Accordingly, after considering several alternative schemes, and in consultation with the FPCO, we selected 12 upazillas, and two villages in each.
Finally, the topic that provoked the sharpest reaction from the FPCO and Ministry of Irrigation officials was a series of questions that focused on the desire for, and type of, changes people wanted in their water regimes.
Since, evidently, no objection could be made to the substance of the survey questions or our interpretations of the responses, the FPCO's criticism of the study focused largely on the issue of how the sample was drawn.
Other adjustments, not directly related to FPCO objections but consistent with the changes, included the additions of an American social anthropologist to work with the Bangladeshi team on a full-time basis and expand the coverage of women's concerns, an expatriate agricultural economist replacing a Bangladeshi agronomist who had left the study, and a flood hazard research specialist to strengthen the data analysis.
(285.) This is how the FPCO responded to requests for better
The FPCO is abandoning its responsibility to provide
A school official at the time of the suit, the court concluded, would not have known or have had reason to know of the illegality of the practice in light of the lack of previous pertinent case law and FPCO's unsettled policy letter.
An additional problem, also evident in Title IX sexual harassment,3 is the lack of congruence between the administrative agency - here FPCO and there the U.S.