FPCONForce Protection Condition (formerly Threat Condition, THREATCON)
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The next level on the CubeSat threat pyramid is FPCON Bravo, when "an increased and more predictable terrorist threat activity exists." (34) The threat increases when specific intelligence suggests the capability for possible aggression by a particular nation and is realized when there is a known, operational RPO capability beyond the first-time R&D phase.
(31.) Civil Air Patrol, "FPCON (Force Protection Condition) Categories," 22 August 2003, http://capnhq .custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1023/-/fpcon%-%28force-protection-condition%29-categories.
(6) RAM and FPCONs, which are integrated with Antiterrorism Standard 13, are developed during the planning and execution phase of the antiterrorism program.
Physical security measures, RAM, and FPCONs are a result of deliberate mission- and threat-focused planning.
The region's ISR architecture and support relationships must be sufficiently resilient to expand and contract as the situation dictates; they must also remain respo nsive to the rapid flow of information and intelligence at all FPCON levels.
Based on the FPCON, each installation commander establishes information and intelligence requirements to enable decisionmaking.
* Providing the basis and justification for FP enhancements, program and budget requests, and the establishing of various FP condition (FPCON) measures.
service members in Korea, the FPCON remained elevated until a clearer picture emerged concerning the actual threat.
This guidance is no longer valid under current conditions, based on FPCON needs and the lack of manpower availability within existing table of organization and equipment and table of distribution and allowances.
The FPCON level is Alpha and our HN direct hire or contract security guards are conducting the normal 100 percent hands-on ID-card check for all personnel requesting installation access.
With the FPCON Delta-associated imminent threat, we ceased training, closed all nonessential functions, and sent all non-mission-essential personnel home.
In the ROK, our missions during increased FPCONs focus primarily on law and order and area security and police intelligence operations.