FPCSFormation Pilotage Confort Sécurité (French: Comfort Safety Training Steering)
FPCSFixed Profit Car Scheme
FPCSFamily Partnership Charter School
FPCSFormation Prévention Conseil Sécurité (French: Prevention Safety Training Council)
FPCSFree Presbyterian Church of Scotland
FPCSFellow of the Property Consultants Society
FPCSFoilborne Propulsion Control System
FPCSFamilial Prostate Cancer Study (National Health Service; UK)
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Contributors such as Robert Fatton and Francois Pierre-Louis argue that shifting sovereignty from the Haitians to NGOs and FPCs weakens state capacity and creates instabilities.
Output: The feature point cloud sequences FPCS. Steps: (1) for id = 1 [right arrow] N do / * NCR[i]: the number of connected region contained by FfS[i] * / NCR[i] = countNumberOfConnectedRegion (FIS[i]) end for (2) for id = 1 [right arrow] N do /* M1: the slice id of the first slice with only 1 connected region in FIS */ if NCR[id] = 1 then M1 = id, break the circulation end if end for (3) for id = N [right arrow] 1 do /* M2: the slice id of the last slice with only 1 connected region in FIS */ if NCR[id] = 1 then M2 = id, break the circulation end if end for (4) for id = M1 [right arrow] M2 do / * KP[1]: the feature points contained by FIS[1] * / FP[id] = extractFeaturePoints (FIS[id]) writeCoordinatesOfFeaturePointsIntoPointCloudFile (FP[id], FPCS[id]) end for 6.2.
The FPCs kicked off the presidential election season in late October 2015 with overview briefings in Washington and New York, attended by more than 70 media members at each venue.
But until recently, there have been little data available about the possible formation or reduction of carcinogenic food processing contaminants (FPCs) by HPTS.
At the tactical end of the planning spectrum, CEOs should be using a financial performance control system (FPCS) to develop and strengthen a profit-making culture and provide the day-in, day-out discipline and control needed to ensure proper execution in pursuit of a monthly bottom line profit objective.
Beginning in 1982, food policy councils (FPCs) proliferated across North America as forums for democratic discourse and advocacy to develop sustainable food systems at the local, state, and regional levels.
If the end-application is in a noisy environment, design choices such as proper grounding schemes, shielded FPCs, strategic locations for the touch controller circuitry, and reducing coupling of the TFT noise to the touch panel will need to be made so that the external noise does not affect the touch panel performance.
How do ultra-thin devices manage this heat, and how are FPCs used to accomplish this?