FPDAFive Power Defence Arrangements (joint defence arrangement between Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom)
FPDAFlexible Premium Deferred Annuity
FPDAFluid Power Distributors' Association
FPDAFinnish Pro Drifting Association (racing)
FPDAFlorida Public Defenders Association
FPDAFaculty Professional Development Assignment
FPDAFuture Pole Dancers of America
FPDAField-Programmable Digital Array
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During the meeting, both parties reaffirmed the warm and long-standing defence relations between Singapore and the UK, as well as their commitment to the FPDA. Dr Ng and Ms Mordaunt discussed the good progress of bilateral defence cooperation in areas of mutual interest, such as counter-terrorism and cybersecurity, following the signing of the Defence Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding on the sidelines of the 18th SLD.
(11.) The FPDA is a 'loose consultative arrangement' between the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Singapore, signed in 1971.
In terms of understanding human issues produced in their own context, this study used the FPDA to analyze and interpret students' interactions.
To analyze the data, I used Erickson's (1986) method of analytic induction and also drew from Baxter's FPDA methodology (2003).
In addition, Britain's ability to leverage its FPDA allies and its other long-standing diplomatic relationships in the region to support US initiatives and to facilitate access and overflight would likely prove a significant asset.
On the foundation of the FPDA approach, generalizing about being "male" or "female" it is not significant since this generalization intensifies differences between men s and women s social power.
This paper sets out a Feminist Poststructuralist Discourse Analysis, FPDA, approach (Baxter, 2003) to examine gender positioning in an all-girls preschool classroom in Colombia where English is learnt as a foreign language, EFL.
I'm thrilled to see all seems to be well again in the world of Rosanna Davison and 'Saint' Wesley Quirke - judging by their major FPDA's (that's Facebook public displays of affection, folks) over the past week.
British forces were now to be committed under Five Power Defence Arrangements (FPDA) between Britain, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, initially proposed by former Labour Defence Secretary Denis Healey.
A more successful security entity is the Five Power Defence Arrangements (FPDA) system.
Answer--An FPDA is a flexible premium deferred annuity.
Several Cold War-era defense arrangements, such as the Five Power Defense Arrangements (FPDA) and various bilateral U.S.