FPDPFront Panel Data Port
FPDPFaculty Professional Development Program (edcuation program)
FPDPForum for Dialogue and Partnership Development (Egypt)
FPDPFloating-Point Data Path (computer science)
FPDPFlorida Professional Development Protocol
FPDPFlood Plain Development Permit (floodwater damage prevention)
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The JazzFiber PMC supports both PCI and PCI-X protocols at up to 133 MHz, providing over 1 Gbps of throughput to support four 247 Mbps Serial FPDP streams in a single module.
It is significant to note that since the FPDP data transfers puts no burden on the computer once initiated; the computer's full processing power is available to pull a copy of the data off of the PCI bus for analysis and/or display or any other desired task.
* High-speed serial digital I/O: e.g., fiber optics, serial front panel data port (FPDP), gigabit Ethernet, etc.
The RTV 2602 supports up to four independently clocked Serial FPDP links using copper or optical cables with single-mode or multimode fibre with flexible baud rate selection to support virtually all popular Serial FPDP interfaces.
We have COTS hardware and software solutions for VME, PCI, CompactPCI, PMC and CardBus, with a large, growing list of I/O options, including 1.5 GHz A/D, 105 MHz A/D, Fiber Optic G-Link, FiberChannel, Ethernet, WSDP(tm), and FPDP, all using the latest Xilinx Virtex II and/or Virtex E FPGAs.
It extends Front Panel Data Port (FPDP) connections up to 10 kilometers for maximum flexibility in DSP system architectures.
Other key features include support of data-transmission protocols including Aurora, Interlaken, and Serial FPDP with up to 24 lanes of fiber-optic I/O (48 fibers) at data rates of up to 12.5 Gb/s per lane.
Pentek equips all products with high-performance I/O including A/Ds, D/As, DUCs, DDCs, Serial FPDP, LVDS, RF converters and more.
Features of the ICS-645C are its onboard front end signal conditioning capability, allowing for a more portable product to be implemented, high impedance differential inputs for application flexibility; and inclusion of the FPDP II (Front Panel Data Port) for high speed output.
Pentek's equips all products with high-performance I/O including A/Ds, D/As, DUCs, DDCs, Serial FPDP, LVDS, RF converters and more.
It accepts one front-panel analog input and delivers digital output samples over two or four front panel data port (FPDP or FPDP II) connectors.
Upper Saddle River, NJ, January 23, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Pentek, Inc., announced a new recorder for the popular family of Talon[R] recording systems: the Model RTR 2736A multi-channel Serial FPDP (sFPDP) rugged portable recorder, suitable for military and aerospace, radar, and communications applications.