FPECFinancement des Petites Entreprises du Canada (French: Small Business Financing in Canada; Canada)
FPECFormation Pastorale à l'Ecoute et à la Communication (French: Pastoral Training in Listening and Communication)
FPECFood Processing Equipment Company (Springdale, AR)
FPECFree Protestant Episcopal Church
FPECFlorida Power Electronics Center (University of Central Florida)
FPECForce Protection Executive Council
FPECFox Promotion Executive Conference
FPECFlash Memory Program/Erase Controller
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(6) Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra (MST), Confederacao dos Trabalhadores na Agricultura (CONTAG), Comissao Pastoral da Terra (CPT), Rede de Educacao do Semi-Arido Brasileiro (RESAB), Uniao Nacional das Escolas Familias Agricolas do Brasil (UNEFAB), Forum Catarinense de Educacao do Campo (FOCEC), Forum Paraense de Educacao do Campo (FPEC), Movimento das Mulheres Campesinas (MMC), Movimento de Organizacao Comunitaria (MOC), Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragem (MAB) e (Movimento dos Pequenos Agricultores (MPA) Carta de Criacao (Fonec, 2010).
Moreover, the third row states the optimal number of hidden layer nodes based on final prediction criterion (FPEC) [19].
The numbers of input and hidden nodes are selected using SQFS and FPEC, respectively; this is different from the approach introduced in [15] in which the numbers of inputs and hidden nodes were fixed.
The FPEC overcomes these challenges by measuring the pressure state in the compressor head (4,5).
The liquid piston of the FPEC is constructed by trapping water in a pipe between two elastic membranes (high temperature silicone), thereby combining a mass and spring element in a compact package.
Dynamically, the FPEC is similar to a buck converter circuit (shown in Fig.
It was also interesting to notice the difference in FPEC between the supplemented buffaloes and cattle.
Effect of cassava hay supplementation on fecal parasitic egg counts (FPEC) Fecal eggs counts Buffaloes (eggs/g DM feces) C S Preliminary period 1,552 1,243 Experimental period 918 (ac) 579 (b) Fecal eggs counts Cattle (eggs/g DM feces) C S Preliminary period 1,189 1,462 Experimental period 951 (c) 747 (ab) Fecal eggs counts Effects (eggs/g DM feces) SEM A Preliminary period 166.1 NS Experimental period 56.0 NS Fecal eggs counts Effects (eggs/g DM feces) B A x B Preliminary period NS NS Experimental period *** NS (a, b, c) Values on the same row with different superscripts differ (p<0.05).
"This sets us apart from the competition," said the vice president, who added that $3 million was recently invested in state-of-the-art solid-filtering equipment purchased from Weiler and FPEC.
Particularly, a small addition of fractal polymer FPEC (fractal poly-epsilon caprolactam) increases the efficiency of cleaning agents.