FPFMFederação Paulista de Futebol de Mesa (Portuguese: Paulista Football Federation of Mesa; Paulista, Brazil)
FPFMFerry Plaza Farmers Market (San Francisco, CA)
FPFMFuel Pin Failure Mechanism
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As shown in Figure 5, the fuzzy control system of the FPFM is a special case of the usual fuzzy control logic, described as follows:
The fuzzy rules of the FPFM, however, do not satisfy the condition of fuzzy rule completeness.
Compared to (11) of the FPFM, the antecedent of the advanced fuzzy rules of (19) has n more fuzzy conditions for the added n input variables [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
In addition to this improvement of the antecedent of the fuzzy rules, the FPFM can be enhanced even more by improving the consequent of the fuzzy rules.
Compared to the FPFM fuzzy controller, which considers only one input variable and one membership function for each fuzzy rule, the fuzzy rules of the advanced FPFM are with respect to all input variables from the sensors (i.e., [d.sub.1], ..., [d.sub.n]) and multiple membership functions.
The second step in the improvement of the FPFM is the addition of control inputs.