FPGSFolylpolyglutamate Synthetase
FPGSFrance Protection Gardiennage Sécurité (French security company)
FPGSFore Play Golf Society (UK)
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Conceiving a mechanism by "trial and error" to satisfy all requirements is impractical, but locating FPGs that satisfy a single requirement is relatively reasonable.
The Function Power Graph (FPG) methodology was applied to conduct this study.
Therefore, we made a simple division in group affiliates (FPGs and FIGs) and non-group affiliates (FNGs).
Quantification of 10 genes of interest (TS, DPD, TP, FPGS, GGH, DHFR, ERCC-1, TOPO-1, VEGF, and EGFR) and an internal reference gene ([beta]-actin) was performed with a fluorescence-based real-time PCR system (ABI PRISM 7900 Sequence Detection System, TaqMan, Perkin-Elmer Applied Biosystems, Foster City, CA).
Seven critical aspects of SRHR were chosen in an initial meeting with over 40 partners, and a partnership methodology was created with one Focal Point Group (FPG) being elected within each area of interest.
was the best performer among the four major subsidiaries of the Formosa Plastics Group (FPG), which also includes the Formosa Plastics Corp.
The FPGs worked under the umbrella of the Indonesian Reproductive Health & Rights Monitoring and Advocacy (IRRMA) Project which aimed to strengthen the women's movement and civil society's capacity to monitor government's implementation of international commitments as "women's health and well-being continues to remain a challenge in the new millennium despite governments' commitment to international instruments and treaties like the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), the Beijing Platform of Action (BPFA) and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)."
The FPGs four major subsidiaries registered NT$982.1 billion in combined sales in the first eight months, for a year-on-year growth of 32% from NT$743.7 billion.
An institutional investor estimated the FPGs Ningbo petrochemical production complex will see annual sales reach 16 billion renminbi (US$2.35 billion) this year after posting 8.6 billion renmibi (US$1.36 billion) in the first half.