FPHCFiltering Platform Helper Class
FPHCForeign Personal Holding Company
FPHCFirst Philippine Holdings Corporation (Philippines; private holdings company; est. 1962)
FPHCFrontier Primary Health Care (Pakistan)
FPHCFisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited (medical equipment; Australia)
FPHCFamily Practice Health Centre
FPHCFlorida Palliative Home Care
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In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange, FPHC Vice President and Assistant Corporate Secretary Esmeraldo Amistad said the Board of Directors of FPHC has approved the additional allotment of P5 billion for its common shares buy-back program which is currently scheduled to run until July 2020.
over the foreign corporations, the FPHC tax was imposed on the American
TEI recommends that the definition of "passive income" cross reference the definition of FPHC income under subpart F, including the exceptions thereto.
PhilRatings shall continuously monitor developments relating to FPHC and may change the rating at any time, should circumstances warrant a change.
Lookthrough treatment of payments between related CFCs under FPHC income rules: The TIPRA adds a new temporary exception from subpart F for dividends, interest, rents and royalties received by one CFC from a related CFC, to the extent attributable to the payer's non-subpart F income.
ed., 242-47; Methodist Episcopal Church, "Exhorter's License" (Philadelphia, December 19, 1920, photocopy), Personal Papers of Aimee Semple McPherson, FPHC.
(FPHC), Meralco and Benpres * are publicly owned through the stock market and are considered blue chips due their record of profitability and resulting dividend declarations.
beneficiaries of a foreign nongrantor trust may be subject to tax on income earned by controlled foreign corporations (CFCs), foreign personal holding companies (FPHCs), and passive foreign investment companies (PFICs) whose shares are held by the trust.(233) The CFC, FPHC, and PFIC rules, also called the "anti-deferral regimes," eliminate the deferral of U.S.
Subpart F income and FPHC income are deemed to be distributed on the last day of the taxable year of the CFC or FPHC.
In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange, FPHC Vice President and Assistant Corporate Secretary Esmeraldo Amistad said its net income reflects the growth in recurring profits.
(FPHC), a management and investment firm that is part of the Lopez Group of Companies.
Despite the fact that the underlying income of these funds were, by definition, passive in nature, both controlled foreign corporation (CFC) status and the old foreign personal holding company (FPHC) rules under sections 551-558 were avoided because the ownership was widely dispersed and each investor held a relatively small percentage in the fund.