FPHLFemale Pattern Hair Loss
FPHLFriends of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse (est. 2001; Portsmouth, NH)
FPHLFirst Peoples House of Learning (Peterborough, Ontario, Canada)
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In the vast hair supplement market, some of the more popular supplements for FPHL are DeeplyRooted (Hush & Hush), Viviscal, Nutrafol, and Nature's Bounty and Sugarbearhair products.
In my practice, we see over 100 hair loss patients a week; 30%-40% are patients with FPHL who are often suffering from depression, anxiety, and emotional distress.
Con relacion al signo pull test, el 76.92% (IC 95% 69.8-83) fue negativo en FPHL y AA, el 10.06% (IC 95% 5.9-15.6) fue positivo en ETC y en alopecia mixta (FPHL mas ETC) (Tabla 2).
Se puede comparar tanto con la descrita por Albaran y colegas, que reportaron una prevalencia de 20.84% en mujeres con FPHL en la ciudad de Bogota, como con la presentada en mujeres Caucasicas por Norwood y colegas, que evidenciaron una prevalencia del 19%.
Estas enfermedades aumentan el riesgo cardiovascular en aquellas mujeres con FPHL temprana (13).
The mean mWAA-QOL score in 100 patients of FPHL was 36.1+-6.91 with 81% of patients having moderate to severe psychosocial impact due to FPHL.
The findings confirm the detrimental impact of FPHL on the QoL and suggest a possible role for adjuvant psychological intervention on patients for better compliance in treatment.
HRT therapy has proved successful for some women who are going through the menopause and experience FPHL, however, this is by no means a universal rule to follow.
FPHL is characterized by the production of shorter and finer hairs and shortening of the growth phase of hair follicles.
Studies were included if they compared any type of monotherapy or combination therapy to treat FPHL. Studies evaluating treatments in women with increased circulating androgens (such as polycystic ovarian syndrome) were included.
A hair pull should be done in all areas of the scalp: In FPHL, this would typically show increased loss of telogen hairs only in the affected areas, not diffusely
The presence of focal atrichia-erasersized areas where the patient doesn't have any hair-may be a useful clue to FPHL.