FPHLCCFirst Peoples' Heritage, Language and Culture Council (Canada)
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But with songs, some of the words can stick with them for their rest of their lives." Likewise, Kway'Waat reflects on communities applying to the FPHLCC for traditional culture programming: "We allow the community to do those types of projects that [will] promote language....
(56.) The FPHLCC was established in 1990 as a provincial organization and is supported through the First Peoples Heritage, Language and Culture Act, a provincial act of legislation.
New funding opportunities are available through the FPHLCC for master-apprentice pairs but are limited in number.
"We fund 10 to 12 projects a year, depending on the funding available," said FPHLCC executive director Tracey Herbert.
From 2007 to present, FPHLCC has funded 30 of the culture camps, which includes daily conversation techniques and fluency assessments.
Herbert and Deanna Daniels, FPHLCC programs manager, are in the process of creating a report on the status of Aboriginal languages in B.C.