FPHPFamily Planning and Health Program (Ghana and Bangladesh)
FPHPFishing Partnership Health Plan (Newton, MA)
FPHPFoster Parent Home Page
FPHPFourth Population and Health Project (Bangladesh)
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Table 2 Program Cycles of the GOB and Key UN Agencies in the Health Sector During the 1990s Agency Program Period Program Duration GOB fifth FYP July 1997-June 2002 5 years UNFPA January 1991-December 1998 7 years UNDP July 1995-June 1998 3 years WHO January 1996-December 1997 2 years UNICEF January 1996-December 2000 5 years World Bank FPHP July 1992-June 1998 6 years AsDB project-by-project basis n/a Source: Kent Buse, "A Policy Analysis of Aid Coordination and Management in the Health Sector in Bangladesh: Assessing the Instruments.
(80.) World Bank, Minutes of Meetings of the FPHP Consortium, 1992-97 (Dhaka: World Bank, various dates).
[2] Some favorite bullet choices for the .30-30: Sierra 125 FPHP, Hornady 150 RN, Speer 150 FN, Winchester 150 Silver Tip, Hornady 170 FP, and Oregon Trail's 170 Gas Check Flat Point.