FPHSFort Payne High School (Fort Payne, AL)
FPHSFranklin Pierce High School (Tacoma, WA)
FPHSForest Park Senior High School (Virginia)
FPHSFarmers' Preventive Health Service (Sweden)
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We estimated FPHS costs using data collected from a diverse cohort of 19 public health agencies located in three states who volunteered to implement the FPHS cost survey in their agencies during 2014-2015.
The resources required to implement FPHS are estimated using a microcosting methodology that adheres closely to approaches commonly used with public health agencies, substance abuse treatment programs, and other health and social service sectors (Mays 2014).
To determine the expected cost of full attainment for each FPHS domain, the conventional method would be to elicit direct estimates from health agency respondents on the fraction of resource use or expected resources required to achieve the desired level of attainment as defined in PHLF (2014).
For each FPHS domain, what is the estimated percentage currently being met by your health department?
Second, despite the overall large cohort size, diagnosis of all FPHs solely in the TC group comprising only 60 patients limited our ability to stratify these patients into further risk groups by utilizing recursive partitioning analysis methodology according to the accompanying significant predictors of FPH: baseline hemoptysis and RCV status.
Another serious but underestimated complication of RT or C-CRT in NSCLC is fatal pulmonary hemorrhage (FPH) with an incidence rate of 1.5-3.5% for all patients [5, 6].
FPH was defined as pulmonary hemorrhage that leads to inevitable fatality within 24 hours of its onset despite any type of intervention, excluding the causes related with proved tumor progression, infection, or trauma.
Three experimental replications were conducted, each with three batches of FPHs from each herring part.
Antioxidant activity of whole herring FPHs was the highest: 44%.
where FPH is FPH of every driver in the data-collected day.
FPH (its calculation method is similar to (1), while for each speed value, only the samples that have the same speed are used, which can represent the average FPH under each speed case) is used as the measurement for speed, and IFC (for each acceleration value, average IFC is used) is chosen as the measurement of acceleration and driving mode duration.
Figure 3(a) shows that FPH decreases rapidly when speed is lower than 30 km/h and then tends to be stable with the increase of speed.