FPIPFédération Professionnelle Indépendante de la Police (French: Independent Professional Federation of Police)
FPIPFirst Philippine Industrial Park, Incorporated (Philippines)
FPIPFamily and Personal Income Plan (insurance)
FPIPFocused Public Investment Plan
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Since 2009, we have welcomed 67 new locators to FPIP.
This is proof that FPIP welcomes legitimate locators to its industrial park, regardless of their nationality.
Taking advantage of the park's close location to the central business district of Manila which is only a 45 minute drive and convenient supporting facilities and amenities such as hotels, banks and restaurants, Sumitomo Corporation, in collaboration with the locators in the park, aims to pursue sustainable growth of FPIP and contribute to the prosperity of local society through creation of job opportunities.
Sources say the reason for this was simple: FPIP wanted to keep the industrial park 'fully Japanese' and were outraged at the prospect of having the Filipino-Chinese-owned BDRC invade its exclusive neighborhood.
Apparently, at FPIP, there are no yellow race-err, rays-allowed; only the red rays from the Land of the Rising Sun.
The expansion of the FPIP is expected to increase the industrial park's land area to 442 hectares from 350 hectares.
The existing ecozone has been filled up with only one hectare left for investors as most of the big new investors like the Japanese printers Canon and Murata have taken up huge lots in FPIP.
FPIP is a proclaimed special economic zone strategically located in the thriving industrial Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon) area and within an average distance of 50 kilometers from major business points such as the central business district, Manila and Batangas commercial ports and the international airport.
FPIP is a 7030 joint venture between the Lopez group's holding company and Japanese conglomerate Sumitomo Corp.
The Philtown acquisition will provide FPIP reserve land for incoming locators.
Tokai Medical Products Philippines will make the new plant in FPIP its platform for manufacturing medical catheters for export to Japan and the United States.
Ibanez did not give a specific timeline for the development of these new industrial parks, but noted that FPIP has been planning to pursue these new ventures with its current partner, Sumitomo Corp.