FPIPFédération Professionnelle Indépendante de la Police (French: Independent Professional Federation of Police)
FPIPFirst Philippine Industrial Park, Incorporated (Philippines)
FPIPFamily and Personal Income Plan (insurance)
FPIPFocused Public Investment Plan
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Should PMM decide to proceed with its expansion plan, the investment would be used to build a third facility at FPIP, Plaza said.
Cal-Comp Technology is also targeting to enter into additional land leases within FPIP that will cover a land area of approximately 300,000 sq m to increase its manufacturing capacity.
In summation, a reduction in the absorption and emission energy is observed with the changing of the functional group on the polypyridyl ligand from the bromo (BPIP), to the aldehyde (FPIP) to the nitrile (CPIP) and then the nitro-(NPIP-) based ligands.
Taking advantage of the park's close location to the central business district of Manila which is only a 45 minute drive and convenient supporting facilities and amenities such as hotels, banks and restaurants, Sumitomo Corporation, in collaboration with the locators in the park, aims to pursue sustainable growth of FPIP and contribute to the prosperity of local society through creation of job opportunities.
At present, it employs around 9,500 Filipinos in its two main sites located at the FPIP and the Lima Technology Center in Batangas.
It is located in First Philippine Industrial Park (FPIP) in Sto.
'We decided to dive deeper and have recently launched FIRST School, a senior high school program that offers vocational training to complement the needs of the locators at FPIP (First Philippine Industrial Park Inc.),' he said.
Formpipe Software AB (Formpipe) (STO: FPIP) announced on Wednesday the completion of the acquisition of the remaining 35.1% of the shares in its subsidiary Formpipe Intelligo AB.
Formpipe Software AB (STO: FPIP) reported on Wednesday net profit of SEK24.8m, or diluted EPS of SEK0.48, for 2017, from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2017.
This is in reference to Daxim Lucas' Biz Buzz article titled 'Yellow discrimination?' (Business, 8/7/17), wherein he alluded to First Philippine Industrial Park's (FPIP) predisposition toward Japanese locators at the expense of Chinese locators.
Karsten Wagner said the establishment of the German facility at the First Philippine Industrial Park (FPIP) in Sto.
Tokai Medical Products Philippines will turn its new plant in FPIP as platform for manufacturing medical catheters for export to Japan and the US.