FPJPFasilitas Pendanaan Jangka Pendek (Short-Term Financing Facility; Indonesia)
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In contrast, the ABTS radical scavenging activity of FPJP tended to increase after fermentation, although no significant difference was observed.
The FRAP and CUPRAC values of FPJP increased slightly after the 48 h fermentation period (p < 0.05) (Table 3).
Acetaldehyde and benzaldehyde were present at high levels in both FPJA and FPJP. It has been reported that benzaldehyde can provide ideal sensory properties, such as almonds, cherries, and sweetness [77].
MOJ has considered other alternatives to deliver FPJPS in stages, but has concluded that this is not feasible.
If you are an eligible fee-paid judicial office holder who will retire before the introduction of the FPJPS on 1 December 2016, then you are invited to apply for an interim payment by writing to the MoJ at judicialpayclaims@justice.gsi.gov.uk indicating when you intend to retire.
The MoJ has already made a number of interim payments in lieu of pensions, pending introduction of the FPJPS. In light of the revised FPJPS timetable, the MoJ will write to all those who have already received an interim payment to offer a further interim payment to cover the period from 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017.