FPKDFuzzy Prototypical Knowledge Discovery
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One group of 26 students served as the experiment group 1 (EG1), which used the FPKD model to diagnose and strengthen their prior knowledge before taking the bioinformatics course.
Finally, a diagnostic evaluation was conducted to examine the accuracy of the diagnoses derived from the FPKD model.
The results imply that the students who worked with the FPKD model achieved better learning performance than the others.
The results thus indicate that the FPKD model can benefit the students in terms of knowledge acquisition.
To assess whether the diagnoses given by the FPKD model are consistent with expert opinions, an evaluation was conducted using the following evaluation function:
A comparison was also conducted to evaluate whether the correctness rates of the diagnoses derived from the FPKD model were superior to those obtained by the PKD model.
The correctness rates of the diagnoses derived from the FPKD and PKD models were then measured using Equation (6).
Therefore, this study applied a multiple attribute decision making technique to develop an innovative prior knowledge diagnosis model, called the FPKD model.