FPMIFlat Panel Mounting Interface
FPMIFellow of the Pensions Management Institute (UK)
FPMIFourniture et Pose de Menuiseries Industrielles (French: Supply and Installation of Industrial Joinery)
FPMIFabry Perot Michelson Interferometer (optics)
FPMIForest Pest Management Institute (now Great Lakes Forestry Centre; Canada)
FPMIFederal Personnel Management Institute, Inc.
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FPMI = [[beta].sub.0] + [[beta].sub.1]S + [[beta].sub.2]A + [[beta].sub.3]EB + [[beta].sub.4](A x EB x PAE) (3)
ln (FPMI) = [[beta].sub.0] + [[beta].sub.1]ln (S) + [[beta].sub.2]ln (A) + [[beta].sub.3]EB + [[beta].sub.4] [(A x EB x PAE)] (4)
For the Financial Performance Management Index (FPMI), (M = 0.033 and SD = 0.009), the city that had the best financial performance management capacity (increasing revenue to meet expenditure) is the city of Uberaba (FPMI = 0.199) and the worst is the city of Pocrane (FPMI = 0.018).
Specifically, H4 was confirmed since the estimated parameter for the population was significant (p < 0.01), showing that an increase of 1% in population size increases the FPMI value by 0.0977%.
FPMI is funded by Genome Canada, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to advancing genomics and proteomics to improve human and animal health.
One goal of the FPMI researchers is to find ways to induce desirable disease-fighting responses, yet quell undesirable ones related to inflammation.
A major breakthrough came when researchers in the laboratory of FPMI co-leader Bob Hancock, who is director of the Centre for Microbial Diseases and immunity Research at the University of British Columbia, showed that the natural host defense peptide LL-37 cures infections as it suppresses inflammation.
We later learned that the MOF and FPMI had already decided on this program, using taxpayers' money and a contribution from the Dow Chemical Corporation of Canada.
The man from FPMI looked as if he'd just felt a chill.
It put the FPMI and the MOF on notice: if the program went ahead there had to be a ten-metre pesticide-free zone around any wetland area.