FPMMFGPA (Field-Programmable Gate Array)-Based Prototyping Methodology Manual
FPMMFédération du Patrimoine Maritime Méditerranéen (French: Mediterranean Maritime Heritage Federation)
FPMMFaculty of Prescribing and Medicines Management (College of Pharmacy Practice; UK)
FPMMFells Point Maritime Museum (Baltimore, MD)
FPMMFast Plasma Membrane Movements
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Assuming that the model parameters are independent of the angel of incidence, the S-parameters when a [TM.sub.xy]-polarized plane wave is obliquely incident on this H-model with [[epsilon].sub.eff]([[theta].sub.0] = 0[degrees]) at 0[degrees], 30[degrees], and 60[degrees] can be calculated using the FPMM and compared with the simulation results from the real composite slab.
Hence, in order to assess the necessity of introducing the anisotropic boundary layers, the S-parameter comparison based on the FPMM can be conducted at different [[theta].sub.0] for three models (the H-, A-, and ABL-ones) with derived angle-dependent parameters, as shown in Figures 17 and 18.
The main criticism on the FPMM is the assumption of PPP that does not hold continuously under flexible exchange rate especially.