FPMSFaculté Polytechnique de Mons (Faculty of Engineering, Mons, Belgium)
FPMSFlood Plain Management Services
FPMSFlorida Performance Measurement System
FPMSFinancial Products Management System
FPMSFractionated Products Management System
FPMSFacilities Project Management System
FPMSFix Process Management System
FPMSfission product monitoring system
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The Zero Pitch Line (ZPL) is another reference for the FPM, and is a line representing zero climb or descent.
The FPM will be glued to the ZPL, but it will be displaced to the left of the heading.
Since we like to avoid radical maneuvers in the clouds, you can fly the FPM for nearly all of an instrument flight.
Advisory or not, you can use the FPM to see that you're going to stay on course or that the turn you're in will work out.
The biggest problem most folks have with the FPM is over-controlling.
Instead, put the FPM on one of the furthest-out boxes and converge with the path you want to fly.
Unless your next turn is quite steep, you don't need to lead it with the FPM. When the next HITS box is off center, that's when you start turning and watching how fast the FPM scoots in the direction of the turn.
Displays combining traffic, synthetic vision, and the FPM also create some confusion.
The narrow field of view also gives some perspective (pardon the pun) as to how sensitive the FPM is and why sometimes you'll need to use that moving map to find out where the HITS boxes have gone.
Flying the FPM is so simple and intuitive that you have to be careful not to fixate on this new gadget.