FPMTFoundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (Portland, OR)
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FPMT Mandala webpage, "FPMT's Statement on Venerable Tunden's Death": http://mandala.fpmt.org/2012/fpmts-response-to-ven-tundensdeath/
(20) See the "FPMT Mandala webpage" for its formal statement (in References).
We will first check the correlation between the pairs of variables on Table 4: Table 4: Group correlation matrix fpmt icmst rect fpmt 1.000 0.386 -0.631 icmst 0.386 1.000 -0.167 rect -0.631 -0.167 1.000 Source: Authors.
The correlations which can be considered significant in modulo are fpmt with icmst (0.386) and rect with fpmt (-0.631).
The core MANOVA question is as follows: do variables fpmt, icmst, and rect, considered simultaneously, have different means in groups 1, 2, and 3?
The negative means of the fpmt variable in groups 1 and 2 suggest that lower values of this revenue were transferred to wealthier municipalities.
For iprs, groups 1 and 2 had the highest rect and lowest fpmt values--the opposite of group 3.
Thus, rect is the variable most able to distinguish the three groups, followed closely by the fpmt variable.
"Having been holding regular classes in Coventry for the past three years, we have been granted the status of a study group with the FPMT and are now known as Jamyang Coventry after our parent centre Jamyang Buddhist Centre in London.
More information about the FPMT can be found at www.fpmt.org
The Contractor will provide to OFM Quality Assurance on an hourly basis for a time period no longer than the period of implementation defined in the FPMT vendor contract.
Kory Goldberg in "Universal Education and Social Transformation in Bodh Gaya" discusses the impetus for moral tourism and engaged Buddhism that fuels such projects as FPMT's Maitreya School's "Universal Education" program.