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Figura 5: Dinamica de decisao para a selecao da melhor politica publica CRITERIOS FMFAT 68,7% FPMU 18,6% FEFN 12,7% ALTERNATIVAS EXPMI 63,5% REDIM 28,7% AUMFI 7,8% Fonte: Dados da pesquisa.
FPMU Food Planning and Monitoring Unit (Bangladesh)
Logan -- Utah State University's SPACE DYNAMICS LABORATORY created a Floating Potential Measurement Unit (FPMU) for NASA.
The second component, support for food planning and monitoring program objective is threefold: (i) to enhance the institutional capacity of Director General (DG) Food and the Food Planning Monitoring Unit (FPMU) and support these agencies in carrying out their respective mandates; (ii) to address analytical gaps and support the development of an evidence-based policy framework to improve the efficiency and performance of the country's overall food storage system and management of strategic grain reserves; and (iii) to improve the coordination of public agencies (in particular DG Food and FPMU with Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief (MoDMR)) involved in procurement, public storage, and distribution of food grains, as well as disaster relief.