FPNCFertility Physicians of Northern California (San Jose and Palo Alto, CA)
FPNCForest Park Nature Center (Illinois)
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FPNC is a joint venture company established by First PV (70 percent) and Nexolon (30 percent) to slice silicon wafers for Nexolon.
"First PV and FPNC are considering the options to pursue the enforcement of the Award.
In 2012, FPNC brought the case to arbitration, citing the need to enforce its rights under the agreement, including the payment of unpaid sums of money by Nexolon.
The newly constructed FPNC plant was set up in the First Philippine Industrial Park in Tanauan, Batangas.
FPNC has cost 600 million [pounds sterling] in addition to what would have been spent on means-tested free care, and the report estimated that there had been a shortfall of 46 million [pounds sterling] or 63 million [pounds sterling] in FPNC funding in 2005 to 2006, and that this is likely to increase.