FPNPFundacja Polsko-Niemieckie Pojednanie (Polish: Polish-German Reconciliation Foundation; Warsaw, Poland)
FPNPFirst Peoples National Party (Canada)
FPNPFamily Planning Nurse Practitioner
FPNPFriends of Pembrokeshire National Park
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If we had lots of it, we'd look like any other party," said FPNP Leader Barb Wardlaw, adding that her party intends to prove that you don't need big money to run a successful campaign.
Malcolm ran in the last election and had the best showing of all the FPNP candidates.
Villebrun, who is considered a frontrunner candidate for the FPNP, is no stranger to politics.
Some of the issues that the FPNP is fighting for are longstanding issues, such as the Kelowna Accord, treaty rights, education, and the right to have clean water on reserves.
Wardlaw and FPNP believe that they will have to throw their hats into the ring in order to make sure that First Nations do not get lost in the wave of campaign promises.
Although the FPNP will not be the majority government this time around, and they will not be a part of the debates, it is believed they will be heard loud and clear.
"The only thing we can do is talk to the media because we have no funding as FPNP, we have no budget, but then again that's the story of Aboriginal peoples."
Ballantyne said that it is important to note of what the FPNP represents for Aboriginal people.
I believe that the FPNP will initiate positive change that will meet the needs of the very diverse people and territories/communities."