FPOAFresno Police Officers' Association (Fresno, CA)
FPOAField Programmable Object Array
FPOAFremont Peak Observatory Association (Canada)
FPOAFinancial Power of Attorney
FPOAFive Points of Articulation
FPOAFire Protection of Arkansas Inc. (Jonesboro, AR)
FPOAFlint Police Officers Association (Flint, Michigan)
FPOAFrench Property Owners Association (UK)
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MathStar's field programmable object array (FPOA) can process arithmetic and logic operations at 1 gigahertz clock rates, which is up to four times faster than even the most advanced FPGA architectures in many applications.
"MathStar's Arrix family of FPOAs, with operating speeds up to 1 GHz, are positioned well to win in this exciting, new FPCA space."