FPPBFamily Planning and Population Board (Singapore)
FPPBFire Protection Policy Board (Washington)
FPPBFédération de la Presse Périodique Belge (French: Belgian Federation of the Periodical Press; Belgium)
FPPBFiscal Policies and Procedures Branch
FPPBFood Portion Photograph Book (portion-size visual aid)
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At his initiative, in 2007 Omah Tani (at that time still called FPPB) changed its strategy, supplementing the tactics it had hitherto used--namely land occupations and street demonstrations--with active participation in electoral politics.
Indeed, failure was the outcome of most of the electoral experiments that did go ahead at this time, including the campaign by the FPPB activists who had split from Omah Tani in 2009.
(38) On the Tratak case, see Achmad Mitha Talaklaan Ridlwan, Gerakan Forum Perjuangan Petani Batang (FPPB) dalam Konflik Hak Milik Tanah di Kabupaten Batang [The Batang Farmers' Struggle Forum (FPPB) Movement and Conflicts over Land Ownership Rights in Batang District], Undergraduate thesis (skripsi) Department of Political Science, Universitas Jendral Soedirman, Purwokerto, Central Java, 2016.