FPPDFederação Portuguesa de Pesca Desportiva (Portuguese: Portuguese Sport Fishing Federation)
FPPDForest Park Police Department (Forest Park, GA)
FPPDFort Pierce Police Department (Fort Pierce, Florida)
FPPDFlight Programs and Projects Directorate
FPPDFlorham Park Police Department (Florham Park, NJ)
FPPDFixed-Point Pre-Distorter
FPPDFruitland Park Police Department (Fruitland Park, FL)
FPPDFox Point Police Department (Fox Point, WI)
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MULTAN -- The Federal Plant Protection Department (FPPD) has started process of registration of mango orchards from high yielding districts of South Punjab for enhanced export of the exotic fruit to lucrative international markets.
Other areas that are potentially impacted by fppd triggered immunologically mediated disorders that will be discussed include endocrine dysfunction, dermatologic issues and joint disorders and other conditions.
Feed plants lightly every & weeks with Miracle-Gro [R] Organic Chiice [R] All Purpose Plant Fppd from the time first blossoms set until the end of harvest, Enjoy the nost succulent tomatoes straight off the vine from july until the days of late autumn turn cool.