FPPIFalse Positive per Image
FPPIFonds pour les Projets Pilotes d'Innovation (French: Fund for Innovation Pilot Projects; Canada)
FPPIForeign Principal Party in Interest (international trade)
FPPIFront Perjuangan Pemuda Indonesia (Malay: Indonesian Youth Front Struggle)
FPPIFarm Product Price Index (Canada)
FPPIFire Protection Products, Inc. (Carlsbad, CA)
FPPIFrozen Potato Products Institute
FPPIFormation-Promotion-Production-International (French business consulting firm)
FPPIFacial Paralysis Prognostic Index
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Through its Resolution Number 2, Series of 2019, the FPPIWU officers and members condemned the CPP-NPA-NDF including its allied organizations such as the Nagkahiusang Mag-uuma sa Agusan del Sur (NAMASUR) and Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU), for their atrocities in their communities and continuous exploitation of the poor farmers and workers of FPPI.
With 93 percent of members voted, we formally disaffiliate ourselves from NAFLU-KMU, that is why we created our independent union, the FPPIWU, to formally put an end to the issues of exploitation and propaganda that became the source of spat between us and the FPPI management," Elmer Jamero, former FPIWU President said, in his message to his co-workers.
Based in Commerce, California, Smith-Cooper International is a leading designer and provider of valves, fittings and related products and provides its products through three distinct brands: SCI, Sharpe and FPPI.
Meanwhile, the mean confusion rate is reduced from 0.2182 to 0.0515, and the FPPI is reduced from 0.2248 to 0.0169.
Mean Mean Mean recall confusion correct rate rate FPPI rate Softmax+Resolution1 0.9172 0.4017 0.4788 0.3548 Softmax+Resolution2 0.9268 0.2512 0.2605 0.4812 Softmax+Resolution3 0.9225 0.2182 0.2248 0.5155 The proposed 0.9448 0.0515 0.0169 0.8475 softmax cascade Time consumption for 240x320 picture Softmax+Resolution1 25.16ms Softmax+Resolution2 63.39ms Softmax+Resolution3 99.45ms The proposed 27.17ms softmax cascade Table 4: List of acronyms, definitions, and terminology interpretation.
In a miss rate versus FPPI plot, lower curves denote higher detection performance.
The experimental results are shown in Figure 11, wherein it can be seen that FPPI is equal to 1 and detection rates of the dual-vehicle deformable component depth model, the single-vehicle deformable part model, the model presented in [13], the model presented in [14], and the model presented in [18] are 91.58%, 94.75%, 90.87%, 89.62% and 84.37%, respectively.
In the following discussion, when the recall rate is mentioned, we always assume that FPPI = 2.
In June 2001, the FPPI petitioned the USDA to amend the definition of "fresh fruits and vegetables" to state that battering and coating are processes that do not change a perishable fruit or vegetable into an article of food of a different kind or character.
In Figure 12, when the above algorithms have the same target detection rate, the SPFA algorithm performs better than other algorithms in controlling FPPI. The superiority of the SPFA algorithm is due to its faster relaxation method and to finding the global optimal solution more quickly.
Summary: DUBAI -- The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Monday launched the monthly Fresh Food Price Index, or FPPI, to monitor the price trends of fresh food items in the emirate.