FPPPFrance Protection Plus pour Patrimoine (French wood treatment company)
FPPPFederal Prison Policy Project
FPPPFinancial Policy and Procedure Paper (University of Wisconsin)
FPPPForward Purchasing Power Parity (finance)
FPPPFuel Pin Photo Positioner
FPPPFondo Permanente de Partidos Políticos
FPPPForeign Publication Procurement Program
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melanogaster by a FPP phosphatase (FPPase or FPPP) [72], a member of the NagD halo alkanoic acid dehalogenase family (HAD), with orthologues in several insect species, including A.
Collier Enterprises, along with other big landowners and their environmental allies, have founded the Florida Panther Protection Program (FPPP).
Local vet Graham Russ has been trying to own a winner for umpteen years, but his latest representative, Nampara Cove, did not look likely to be much help in the club maiden, with a form-line reading FPPP.