FPPSFederal Personnel Payroll System (US Department of the Interior)
FPPSFondation pour la Promotion de la Pédiatrie Sociale (Foundation for the Advancement of Social Pediatrics; Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
FPPSFamily Programme Promotion Services (Kenya)
FPPSFixed Priority Preemptive Scheduling (computer networking)
FPPSFarrer Park Primary School (Singapore)
FPPSFixed Price Prime Contractor
FPPSFakultet za Pravne i Poslovne Studije (Serbian: Faculty of Legal and Business Studies; higher education institution)
FPPSFamily Permanency Planning Services
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Comparison of MAC Centers with FPPs. MAC center data showed considerably more variability than FPP data.
The top-ranked center's service revenue was approximately 400% to 600% higher than other ANMCs and 200% higher than FPPs. General operating costs per patient had less variability than other measures and ranged from $45 (Center A) to $79 (Center B) per patient.
Since the devastation of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, our local distribution partner in New York, RSP Energy Systems, currently has 81% of their fleet under long-term FPPs, said Jim Crouse, Capstone Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
The Wrtsil FPPs will be fitted with the companys EnergoProFin solution, a propeller cap with fins that rotates together with the propeller to produce fuel savings of up to 5 percent.
The partnership with API and FPPS greatly expands Hepion Pharmaceuticals' research capabilities, enabling access to cutting edge expertise and facilities in an industry-leading commercialization framework.
In each of them, the same tooth (i.e., the first right mandibular molar 46) was absent and three metal-ceramic FPPs were made.
Em que: FPP = Faixa de Protecao Permanente; ACV = Antigo Codigo Florestal; LMH = Leito Maior Hidrologico; e APP = Area de Preservacao Permanente.
Studies have shown that fermented papaya products (FPP) protect hemocytes from oxidative damage, prevent complications of aging, and cure Alzheimer's disease (AD) [12-14].
Cryptogein-cotransformed roots did not show any enhancement in withaferin A and withanolide A content as well as in expression of HMGR, FPPS, and SGT genes.
The case of high-order FPPs is similar (e.g., Table 2 for order m = 3).
By searching d PBFs, the MDDBFs find out the membership, but the MDDBFs lack a way to verify the dependency of multiple dimensions of an item, which causes high FPPs with membership retrieval.
Farnesyl diphosphate synthase (FPPS) is a responsible enzyme for biosynthesis of farnesyl diphosphate (FPP), a key precursor for CoQs production.