FPQFédération des Pourvoiries du Québec (French: Federation of Quebec Outfitters; Quebec, Canada)
FPQFloating Point Queue
FPQFamily Planning Queensland (Australia)
FPQFirst Piece Qualification
FPQFixed Price Quote
FPQFast Path Queuing (ACC)
FPQFinnish Pain Questionnaire
FPQForgot Part of the Question (test scoring)
FPQFiber Pre-Qualification (engineer)
FPQFacial Paralysis Questionnaire
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We support the need for a specific questionnaire focusing on the participation in social functions of these patients and think that the FPQ is a valuable contribution to the ongoing research for understanding different aspects of FMS.
The FPQ was translated into Turkish by two professional native Turkish speakers bilingual in German.
A high level of Internal Integration, for example, does not necessarily mean that a high level of FPQ must be present.
Only one ratio, between FPQ and Evaluation of Forecasting, had a value of .875 and did not meet the more conservative .85 limit.
The Fear of Pain Questionnaire (FPQ): further psychometric examination in a non-clinical sample.
FPQ recruited eleven male comedians ranging in age from teens to late fifties.
Past research examining sex and FPQ scores found similar results where females had significantly higher mean scores than males on the FPQ-severe pain scores 35].
TABLE 1: Correlation table of pain ratings to thermal responses with sex and FPQ scores.
* Inter-organisational cost investigation (IOCI): This method can be applied if a supply chain member cannot produce an item at target cost and FPQ trade-offs do not lead to sufficient cost reductions.
When implemented into schools, SRE has the potential to provide students with knowledge and opportunities for discussion about sex, sexuality, sexual development, sexual health, interpersonal relationships, reproduction, emotions, decision making and values (FPQ, 2008b; FPQ, 2008c; Blake & Procter, 2000; Brennan, 2007).
The present study builds upon previous research on the father and introduces a new measure, the Father Presence Questionnaire (FPQ).