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FPRFFire Protection Research Foundation (National Fire Protection Association)
FPRFFloating Point Register File
FPRFFats and Proteins Research Foundation, Inc. (est. 1962; Alexandria, VA)
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The FPRF allows the payload weight budget to be met without sacrificing performance, which may be the driving factor in a UAV where sophisticated sensors need a high bandwidth.
The FPRF has been designed so that customers can utilize, supplement, or depower and replace any component, with bypass options and signal break-out points at all stages along the signal path.
Exploiting the real-time programmable nature of the FPRF allows the RF to be changed on-the-fly to provide frequency hopping to avoid detection, or interference.
The research program will be conducted under the auspices of FPRF by a competitively selected project contractor, and will be guided by a Project Technical Panel that will provide input to the project, recommend contractor selection, review periodic reports of progress and research results, and review the final project report.
These data were extracted from the 1990 wave files and merged with the FPRF extract.
Because the FPRF does not include all of the information collected on health insurance coverage in each wave interview, additional variables were extracted from each wave file and merged with the other data.
The agreement will result in the development of optimized field programmable radio frequency (FPRF) transceivers, digital RF and baseband solutions that will allow system designers to reduce their overall costs, lower power, shorten time-to-market, and customize designs for key wireless infrastructure, enterprise, military, industrial, test and medical applications.