FPRLFluid Power Research Laboratory (Italy)
FPRLForest Products Research Laboratory (United Kingdom)
FPRLFools Play Rasslin' League (wrestling parody)
FPRLFuture Policy Related Liabilities (insurance)
FPRLFriends of Pomham Rocks Lighthouse (East Providence, RI)
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fPRL Distant from Fovea and Used to Scan Text Two subjects with scotomas exhibited fPRLs that
In each case, the fPRL also overlapped the retinal area of highest text occupancy (Figure 14(a) and (c)).
That is, they did not use their fPRL for scanning text (Figure 15) but, rather, used a distinct tPRL.
An important finding is that the PRL used for fixating (fPRL) was not necessarily used for scanning text (tPRL).
Furthermore, our finding that some subjects use different retinal loci for scanning text and fixating means that one cannot assume that the fPRL is also used for scanning text.
Individuals with central scotomas due to macular degeneration, however, do not fixate objects with their nonfunctional foveas, but rather with a retinally eccentric area, the fPRL. We have found that some subjects with scotomas also use their fPRL to scan text.