FPRMFellow Programme in Rural Management (India)
FPRMFront Perjuangan Rakyat Miskin (Indonesia: Poor People's Struggle Front)
FPRMFixed Polarity Reed-Muller
FPRMFlexible Parts Repair Material (3M Automotive)
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Furthermore, much like the political organizations spawned by the FPRM in Japan, the broad support for the Constitutional Revolution gave birth to hundreds of grass roots civic and political associations commonly referred to as anjoman.
After World War II, women took the lead in organizing mass social movements in the same manner as women in the earlier reform period, many of whom had actively participated as lecturers and demonstrators in campaigns such as the FPRM.
For a discussion of the role of women in the FPRM, see Sharon L.
IKE, supra note 16, at xiii (describing the FPRM as "an indigenous movement").