FPRNFront Populaire pour la Renaissance Nationale (French: Popular Front for National Renaissance; Chad)
FPRNFellows' Pelvic Research Network (Society of Gynecologic Surgeons)
FPRNFlorida Public Radio Network (est. 1975)
FPRNFraternité des Paramédics de la Rive-Nord (French: North Shore Paramedic Brotherhood; Canada)
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The FPRN groups meet twice annually: The FPMRS group meets at AUGS and SGS, and the FMIGS group meets at AAGL and SGS.
Through these meetings we are able to uphold the original aims of the FPRN as outlined by Dr.
Fellows have made great use of the national FPRN network to examine numerous issues that significantly impact our practice.
To date, the FPRN has published more than 30 papers.