FPRNMFonds de Prévention des Risques Naturels Majeurs (French: Major Natural Risks Prevention Fund)
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resilient neighborhood.This study will be used to implement a planned urban renewal-housing improvement operation (opah-ru) and to coordinate other interventions outside housing, to improve security and comfort, thanks to the mobilization of the other funding of the program action court of city and the fund of prevention of the major natural risks (fprnm) known as "funds barnier" .Places of execution: 77140 nemours
it concerns the entire neighborhood, as well as, in the commune of sada in mayotte and more specifically in the perimeter of the operation of the demolition quarter, analyze for each household its eligibility: 1) to the measure of vulnerability reduction property of the major natural hazard prevention fund (fprnm - barnier fund), and 2) state aid for housing improvement (prefectoral decree no.