FPRPFP (Prostaglandin F2 Alpha Receptor) Regulatory Protein
FPRPForest Policy Reform Project (World Bank; Cambodia)
FPRPFamily Practice Residency Program
FPRPFalse Positive Report Probability (genetics)
FPRPFaculty & Physician Recruitment Process (New York University)
FPRPForward Pricing Rate Proposal
FPRPFoundation for the Promotion of Responsible Parenthood (Aruba)
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To avoid the false-positive results of the meta-analysis, we performed the FPRP analysis for the significant findings by setting as the prior probability of 0.1, and the results suggested that the association between MnSOD Val16Ala polymorphism and cancer risk for Asians was false positive, which may due to limited sample size.
The evaluated FPRP was 0.751, which was greater than 0.2, implying a false positive association between rs352140 and cervical cancer risk among the Caucasian population [27].
The FPRP also addressed the causes of degradation (i.e., the forest fires) and enhanced the fire detection and fighting capacity in Semey Ormany (an Ormany is a State Nature Forest Reserve, managed by the FWC).
Can you describe the FPRP at the 50,000 foot level, and how it relates to the five goals for FASB you discussed?
Corson, "Five-phase reservation protocol (FPRP) for mobile ad hoc networks," in Proceedings of the 17th Annual IEEE Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM '98), vol.