FPRSFrancilienne Peinture et Revêtement de Sol (French: Francilienne Painting and Flooring)
FPRSForest Products Research Society (Madison, Wisconsin)
FPRSFederal Property Resources Service
FPRSFroid Plus Routiers Services (French electrical repair shop)
FPRSFacial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
FPRSFloating Point Registers State (SPARC)
FPRSFonds de Partenariats pour la Recherche en Santé
FPRSFederal Program Resources Statement
FPRSFormal Planning and Supporting System
FPRSFire and Police Retirement System
FPRSFinite Particle Removal System
FPRSFord Motor Company Capital Trust II (stock symbol)
FPRSFlex-Plan Retirement Services
FPRSFood Programs Reporting System
FPRSFirst Party Receivable Solution
FPRSFace Pain Rating Scale
FPRSFerreira Penna Research Station
FPRSFlood Premium Reduction Services
FPRSFredericksburg Public Relations Society
FPRSFuel Pressure Regulator Solenoid
FPRSFaculty Postgraduate Research Scholarship
FPRSFlat Point Round Shoulder
FPRSFellow Perinatal Research Society
FPRSFidelity Participant Record-keeping System
FPRSFree-standing Production Riser System
FPRSFinancial Planning and Reporting System
FPRSForest Products Radio Service (FCC)
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FPRs remain one of the best sales tools for strong brands, but also one of the areas of greatest risk for franchise law claims.
qPCR primer sets for VEGF, fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF-2), claudin-1 and claudin-5, ZO-1, GFAP, caspase-3, uPAR, FPRs, tumor necrosis factor-[alpha] (TNF-[alpha]), interleukin--(IL-) 1[beta], and IL-6 were chosen to hybridize to unique regions of the appropriate gene sequence (see Table 1 for a complete list of assayed genes and primers).
At the time of writing, three FPRs are known; FPR1, FPR2, and FPR3 are located in close proximity at 19q13.3.
FPRs under the GLP model are the lowest; models of BA and Waxman followed.
Although the observations reported in [17, 18] show that the percentages of false positives were high, the FPRs of 75% of the evaluated scanners in this study were less than or equal to 20%.
Using fixed FPRs of 0%, 5%, and 10% revealed sensitivities of 5%, 23%, and 36% and specificities of 100%, 95%, and 90%, respectively.
We calculated the performance in order to check the increase in FPRs and the change in FNRs while changing values of pval (p value threshold for filtering) for Contra, d (baseline probability) for Excavator, and min.spec (desired minimum specificity) for ExomeCNV, which seemed to be directly related to FPR.
The system achieved low FPRs, which are in the range of 0.1% to 2.6%.
The best [[theta].sub.2] value was approximately the same for the FPRs using Rule 1a or Rule 1b.
Equations (6) and 7) are sufficient to determine [[epsilon].sub.eff] and [[mu].sub.eff], which are, however, distorted by the Fabry-Perot resonances (FPRs) [25, 26].