FPSAFractionated Plasma Separation and Adsorption (blood purification)
FPSAFood Processing Suppliers Association (McLean, VA)
FPSAFree Prostate-Specific Antigen
FPSAFinal Production Sharing Agreement (Kazakhstan)
FPSAFonderie et Plasturgie SA (French: Foundry and Plastics SA)
FPSAFisher Park Summit Alternative (school; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
FPSAFlorida Public Service Association
FPSAFinnish Political Science Association (est. 1935)
FPSAFellow of the Professional Speakers Association (UK)
FPSAFlorida Pool and Spa Association
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Therefore, instead of only reporting PSA, calculating the ratio of fPSA to total PSA and determining the level of tPSA can improve the sensitivity and specificity of PSA test (15).
MARS and FPSA have been widely used for liver failure in Western countries during the past 3 decades, while plasma exchange- (PE-) centered ALSS therapy has been widely used in China for nearly the last 2 decades.
About 10-30% of PSA in blood does not attach to protease inhibitors and is known as fPSA. PSA is a single-chain glycoprotein which is produced exclusively by epithelial cells of the acini and ducts of the prostate gland.
Aproximacion Restricciones MCP MCOP [24] Jaffe's Pesos, Longitud x [25] Iwata's Costos, delay x [26] TAMCRA Longitud, Costos x [27] SAMCRA Longitud, Costos x [28] EDSP Costos x [28] EBF Costos x [29] Algoritmo Amplitud, Peso, x Aleatorio Costo, Retardo [30] H MCOP Pesos x [31] Algoritmo Pesos x [A.sup.*]Prune [33]Algoritmo MPMP Margen minima x normalizada [32] NLR MCP Costos x [33] [A.sup.*] Costos x MCSP [34] DCLC Costo, Retardo x [35] SF-DCLC Costo, Retardo x [36] LCLD Costo, Retardo x [37] FPSA Retardo, Bw x [38] DCCR+SSR Costo, Retardo x [40] LPH Delay, Jitter, x Bw [41] HAMCRA Delay, jitter x [42] Bw, Retardo, Distancia [43] TS MCOP costo x [44] Retardo, jitter, x Bw [45] Costo, Conteo de x Saltos y Retardo [46] GA-PSO Bw, retardo, x perdida de pa.
The research variables were levels of tPSA, fPSA, fPSA/tPSA ratio and morphology of prostate.
The mean ranks of fPSA of cases and controls in the present study are 16.05, 30.88.
Only three predictors were included in the base prediction model (age, prostate volume, and % fPSA) in multivariate logistic regression analysis with a predicted accuracy of 74.6% and an AUC of 0.733 (95% CI: 0.634, 0.831).
(10) end for (11)end for ALGORITHM 2: Fair participant selection algorithm (FPSA).
Defeat Hunger was launched with a $75,000 donation from the FPSA Foundation, and includes a variety of partners such as FPSA members, local food processors, Process Expo exhibitors and the Greater Chicago Food Depository.
A good example is the PHI (prostate health index), which is an index created from three markers: PSA, fPSA and -2proPSA.
Los eventos son procesos que no existen por si mismos, no mas que los accidentes lo hacen (FPSA, 275).
Immunoreactive PSA (total PSA [tPSA]) exists in two forms, a major fraction is bound to serum proteins (cPSA) and about 10-30% is free (fPSA).