FPSBFinancial Planning Standards Board
FPSBFrench Penspinning Board (France)
FPSBFirst-Price Sealed Bid (auction)
FPSBForum Peduli Sumatera Barat (Indonesian: Care Forum of West Sumatra)
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This socialization activity is coupled with the activities of the Diplomatic Course of students of the HI Study Program, FPSB, UII Yogyakarta.
FPSB launched #WFPD in 2017 as part of the global financial planning community's commitment to increase levels of consumers' financial literacy and capability, and to promote how financial planning can help the public to take control of their finances, thereby increasing their confidence and helping them stay on track with their financial and life goals.
The aim of the study is to establish a framework of responsible and healthy relationship, which could result in secured and pleasant experience mutually," said FPSB India Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ranjeet Mudholkar.
At the meeting in Sydney, hosted by the Financial Planning Association of Australia, FPSB's Board, FPSB member organisation leaders and invited guests advanced strategies to lead, grow and influence financial planning as a profession through standards-setting, advocacy, outreach, research and educational activities over the next three years.
The FPSB, formed in 2004, consists of approximately 140,000 members in 24 territories worldwide, approximately 64,000 of whom are located in the United States.
All financial planners are required to be certified by bodies like the FPSB, which awards CFP certification.
With that in mind, we quickly came to the conclusion that to get the FPSB to the next level, we would focus our efforts on programs and systems that would ultimately lead to one overarching goal--to make the FPSB a self-sustaining organization.
In the first-price sealed bid (FPSB) auction, the highest bidder wins and pays her bid price.
Ranjeet S Mudholkar, Vice Chairman and CEO, Financial Planning Standards Board India (FPSB)
NISM and FPSB India are providing necessary certification in order to become eligible for registration as Retirement Adviser.
Ranjeet Mudholkar, CEO and vice chairman, FPSB India, said the awards are broad-based and have a two-pronged approach.
Jakarta: Ford Founda tion, Combine Resource Institution, Program Studi Ilmu Komunikasi FPSB UII, Fakultas Film dan Televisi IKJ.