FPSHFédération de la Permanence des Soins Hospitalière (French hospital care federation)
FPSHForum on Privacy and Security in Healthcare
FPSHFlorida Partnership for Safety and Health (workplace safety)
FPSHForest Park Senior High School (Baltimore, MD)
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A review of the ecology and social organization of Lysmata (Bauer, 2000, 2006) and subsequent work since (Baeza, 2009) show that some species live in low-density populations in FPSH pairs (as tropical fish cleaners).
Abbreviations: AG, androgenic gland; CL, carapace length; FP, female phase; FPSH, female-phase simultaneous hermaphrodite; IAG, insulin-like peptide of the androgenic gland; MP, male phase; PSH, protandric simultaneous hermaphroditism.
2), and, in the specimens examined, ranged in size from 272-984 [micro]m in MPs (mean = 554.3 [micro]m [+ or -] SD = 176.0 [micro]m) and from 184-1432 [micro]m in FPSHs (mean = 686.9 [micro]m [+ or -] 248.1 [micro]m).
The ultrastructure of organelles important in hormone secretion (rough endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus) and other cellular details were not observed so that we could compare possible differences in AG functionality between MPs and FPSHs. Thus, interpretation of our results, and conclusions drawn from them, should be made with caution.
Variation in allocation to male function (mass of stored sperm + testes) and female function (ovarian mass) was measured by Baeza (2007) in FPSHs of L.