FPSIFondation pour la Promotion des Soins Infirmiers (French: Foundation for the Advancement of Nursing; Switzerland)
FPSIFormation Prévention Secourisme Incendie (French: Fire Prevention First Aid Training)
FPSIFiscal Policy Studies Institute (est. 1996; Santa Fe, NM)
FPSIFluid Power Safety Institute (advocacy; Salt Lake City, UT)
FPSIFoundation for Public Service Interpreting (UK)
FPSIFujitsu Personal Systems, Inc. (computing)
FPSIFinance, Private Sector and Infrastructure (World Bank)
FPSIFluid Power Society of India (Karnataka, India)
FPSIFocal Plane Science Instrument
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9 shows the effect of drainage on the FPSI. As the number of ESAL was increased, the FPSI considerably decreased, and distresses such as alligator cracking, edge cracking and settlement may occur.
As expected, low quality material gives a lower FPSI and at high ESAL values, the FPSI decreases considerably.
To this aim, the FPSI was estimated only for use at network level (second level).
Relationship of ESAL with FPSI of various layer thicknesses values
Comparing of models statistical values PSI PCI FPSI Mean (average) 68 86.05556 70.94267 Standard deviation 10.1865 14.79059 10.93558 Variance 103.76471 218.76144 119.587 (standard deviation) Population standard 9.89949 14.37387 10.62748 deviation Variance 98 206.60802 112.94328 (population standard deviation) Sum of Squared 1764 3718.9445 2032.979 Error (SSE) Mean Squared 98 206.60803 112.94328 Error (MSE)
A B C D 0.921 0.860 0.845 1.004 0.725 0.836 0.706 0.656 0.810 0.798 0.688 0.564 Results of implementing steps 5 to 8 of the FPSI method are as follows.
This paper uses the deffuzified decision matrix and FPSI method for ranking alternatives.
The comparison results show that the results of the FPSI method in the selection of contractors are similar to other scientific work especially in determining the best and worst alternatives.
With respect to the calculations conducted by other approaches, FPSI method is very simple and decision makers can obtain the best and worst answer with minimum calculation.
Comprehensiveness: Does the FPSI method cover the required SC selection considerations?
Applicability: Is the FPSI method applicable for SC selection in construction companies?
Dunn's FPSI bought the technology, which has been in development since 2006, last December and plans to expand to commercial locations in the near future.