FPSLFédération des Producteurs Suisse de Lait (French: Federation of Swiss Milk Producers)
FPSLFission Product Screening Loop
FPSLFriends for Peace in Sri Lanka (Australia)
FPSLFazakerley Prison Services, Ltd. (UK)
FPSLFederal Perkins Student Loan
FPSLFarnesylpyrophosphate Synthetase
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With the trust mark accreditation, ACI has been officially recognized by FPSL as one of the technical aggregators that helps payment and financial institutions gain access to real-time Faster Payments in a single or multi-tenant environment through FPSLs New Access Model.
Fpsl, a yeast member of the MIP family of channel proteins, is facilitator for glycerol uptake and efflux and is inactive under osmotic stress.
Family Planning saves lives (FPSL), (2nd ed) (1991)